All of my senses...

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In the past few weeks, much has been said and written about how much the extroverts, such as yours truly, are like fishes out of water in this Covid-19 #PhysicalDistancing and #stayhome era. It is pretty easy to understand the concept that extroverts need to be with people to recharge. Most people view it as needing to see and interact with others. What #SocialDistancing (and I use this term purposefully) has taught me, is that for an extrovert like me, it’s more than just seeing, talking, laughing, exchanging ideas, sharing time and carryon with people (and yes, there are a zillion apps for that! 😊).

When I am with people all of my senses are engaged. I can smell a friend’s scent or after-shave just before he enters the room. I can hear whether a client only has a few minutes for me by the briskness of her footsteps. I can see every small and rapid movement of an acquaintance’s eyes and the way they twist their fingers, unknowingly divulging their worry. I can extend my hand and touch a friend to express my support, and I can receive a light slap on the arm by someone saying, “Atta girl!” and sharing their enthusiasm. And, last but definitely not least, I can share a good cup of coffee with a client, both of us smiling as our taste buds are tickled and our mood lifts, getting our meeting off to a good starts. I miss all of that.

Although like most people, I carry on, making the best out of the current situation, I can’t help but wonder if I am alone having these thoughts. Would I feel the same if I was introverted? And, most importantly, how do I compensate for some of my senses no longer being part of my conversations? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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